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This is a certification similar to Abu Dhabi National Oil Company’s (ADNOC) “In-Country Value” (ICV) program. Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) has introduced an ADV certification program in 21st April, 2019 which requires that all suppliers of goods or services of any Department related to Abu Dhabi’s Government are mandated to calculate and declare their certified ADV score for the previous financial year, to demonstrate how they are helping to deliver ADV.

ADV will affect any party wishing to directly (or indirectly) engage with the Government departments of Abu Dhabi. Suppliers will be asked to submit an ADV Certificate along with their bid. ADV is mainly relevant during the evaluation phase. Bidders having passed the technical evaluation will be ranked in accordance with:

  • best price; and
  • best ADV score.

It should be noted that ADV is the second localization program in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Suppliers engaged in business with the Abu Dhabi’s Government Departments will need to familiarize themselves with the ADV program keeping in view the significance which the government is placing on UAE’s economic growth and localization.


When the tenders of Government Departments of Abu Dhabi requires, the Supplier shall submit an ADV Improvement Plan along with the commercial bid.

The ADV Improvement Plan will be a contractual commitment linked to a payment against the achievement of actual ADV achieved vis-à-vis the ADV committed as per the ADV Improvement plan.

For monitoring of the ADV actual achieved vis-à-vis the ADV planned as per the ADV Improvement plan, the Supplier shall provide the latest ADV certificate from the Supplier upon completion of each Agreement year.

Non-compliance with improvement targets may result in the termination of the supply agreement and/or retention of payments.








As leading Abu Dhabi value certification consultants, we have set up a specialized sub-service line for ADV to help our clients in meeting their required level of ADV score in following ways.

  1. Making the clients understand about the ADV and the determining factors that affect the ADV score.
  2. Suggest the steps of improving ADV score and include the incremental effect of each step in our impact analysis report. This includes mainly, among other steps, the recommendation of restructuring in organizational processes to increase ADV score.
  3. Draft the ADV template, based upon the records of financial year under certification that can be presented to ADV auditor to ensure the achievement of ADV score as per drafted template.
  4. Draft the ADV improvement plans that is required to be submitted with the tenders of the Government Departments of Abu Dhabi.
  5. Demonstrate about the working criteria for ADV improvement plan and how to present the ADV scores across the period of plan to avoid any consequential penalties.

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