ETIP Certification

The Energy Tariff Incentive Program (ETIP) is a unique initiative aimed at encouraging industrial and commercial establishments to implement energy-saving practices. The program offers incentives in the form of reduced tariff rates for those demonstrating energy efficiency


What is ETIP Certification?

The Energy Tariff Incentive Program (ETIP) is a unique initiative aimed at encouraging industrial and commercial establishments to implement energy-saving practices. The program offers incentives in the form of reduced tariff rates for those demonstrating energy efficiency.

The Need for ETIP Certification

Government Compliance

Adepts Chartered Accountants can guide you through the process of securing the appropriate license for your company. Here are the main types of licenses available in Abu Dhabi

Procedure to Obtain ETIP Certification

Initial Evaluation

We begin with an initial evaluation of your organization's energy consumption. This involves understanding your current energy usage patterns, evaluating your existing energy-saving practices, and identifying areas where improvements can be made.

Energy Audit

A thorough energy audit is carried out to assess the energy efficiency of your organization. This audit will be based on the guidelines set by the ETIP program, and it will provide an accurate measurement of your organization's energy efficiency.

Implementation of Energy-Saving Measures

Based on the results of the energy audit, we will recommend specific measures that can help improve energy efficiency. This could include anything from upgrading to energy-efficient equipment to implementing energy-saving practices.

Application for ETIP Certification

Once the energy-saving measures are in place, we will assist you with the application process for the ETIP certification. This involves preparing and submitting all necessary documentation and evidence of your organization's energy efficiency.

Certification and Compliance Monitoring

If the ETIP program authorities are satisfied with the application, they will issue the ETIP certification. But the process doesn't end there. We provide ongoing compliance monitoring to ensure that your organization continues to meet the energy efficiency requirements of the ETIP certification.

Our Energy Tariff Incentive Program (ETIP) Services

Energy Audit

Our first step in helping you attain the ETIP certification is carrying out a comprehensive energy audit. This will provide us with a clear understanding of your current energy consumption and highlight areas where improvements can be made.

Consultation and Planning
Post the energy audit, our team of experts will consult with your organization, providing advice on the best energy-saving measures to implement. We will help you develop a strategic plan that targets energy efficiency and aligns with the ETIP’s guidelines.
Implementation Assistance

We assist you in implementing the energy-saving measures suggested in the strategic plan. We offer guidance during the acquisition and installation of energy-efficient technologies and the implementation of energy-saving practices.

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Application Support
Our team will guide you through the ETIP certification application process. We will help you prepare and submit all necessary documentation, ensuring your application accurately represents your energy efficiency efforts.
Compliance Monitoring
Once you have achieved the ETIP certification, we will continue to support you by monitoring your energy efficiency compliance. We help ensure that your organization maintains the standards necessary to retain the ETIP certification.
Reporting and Documentation
We provide you with regular reports detailing your energy consumption, savings, and efficiency. Plus, we ensure all your energy efficiency records are well-documented for future audits and reviews.

frequently asked questions

Commercial and industrial establishments in the UAE that meet certain energy efficiency standards can apply for ETIP.

Your company can qualify for the ETIP by implementing energy-efficient practices and technologies, and demonstrating significant energy savings.

The duration of the ETIP certification process varies depending on your organization's current energy practices and the extent of changes required. Adepts will provide a timeline estimate once the energy audit is complete.

The ETIP aims to improve energy efficiency across all sectors. Therefore, companies from various industries, including manufacturing, retail, hospitality, and more, can benefit from this program.

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