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At Adepts Chartered Accountants, we understand the critical role of internal audit in ensuring the effectiveness of your organization's operations, risk management, and internal control systems

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Mainland Company Formation in Ajman

Internal audit is an independent and objective examination of an organization’s operations, risk management processes, and internal control systems. The primary purpose of internal audit is to identify areas of improvement, evaluate risks, and ensure compliance with laws, regulations, and industry standards. Overall, it provides management with objective and independent assessments, enabling them to make informed decisions, enhance internal control systems, and achieve organizational objectives.

Types of License

  • Commercial License
  • Professional License
  • Industrial License
  • Tourism License

Procedure For Mainland Company Formation In Ajman

Determine the Type of Business Activity
The first step involves determining the type of business activity your company will engage in. This is crucial as it will affect the type of license you will apply for.
Choose a Company Name
Choose a unique and relevant name for your company that complies with the regulations set by the Department of Economic Development in Ajman.
Gather the Required Documents
Prepare all the necessary documents, including passport copies of the shareholders, NOC from the current sponsor (if applicable), and initial approval from the Department of Economic Development.
Obtain Initial Approval  
Apply for initial approval from the Department of Economic Development. This approval signifies that the Ajman government has no objection to you starting a business.
Draft the Memorandum of Association (MoA)  
Draft the MoA in the presence of a Notary Public. This document outlines the company’s activities and the relationship between shareholders.
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Rent an Office Space
Rent an office space that complies with the regulations of the Ajman Municipality. Obtain the Ejari Attestation that confirms your lease agreement.
Final Submission
Submit the MoA, Ejari Attestation, and other required documents to the Department of Economic Development. Pay the necessary fees and obtain your business license.
Open a Bank Account
After receiving your business license, you can proceed to open a corporate bank account.
Process Visas  
Lastly, you can start processing visas for your employees and yourself.

Our Mainland Company Formation Services in Ajman

Business Consultation

We offer personalized consultations, understanding your business objectives and helping you make informed decisions. Our experts provide advice on the optimal company structure, suitable business activities, and ideal location, ensuring alignment with your business goals and growth strategies.
Business Licensing
Acquiring the right business license is a vital step in your company formation journey. We handle the acquisition of all types of business licenses – Commercial, Professional, and Industrial. We manage all the paperwork, liaise with the relevant government bodies, and ensure you receive your license in a timely manner.
Internal Control Framework Development
We assist in establishing and enhancing your internal control framework, ensuring it aligns with industry best practices and regulatory requirements. Our experts provide guidance on control design, implementation, and monitoring to strengthen your organization’s risk management processes.
Corporate Bank Account Assistant

Legal Documentation

Our team handles all aspects of legal documentation, including preparing memorandums, articles of association, and other necessary legal documents. We also manage the approval process from government authorities, ensuring all legal requirements are met seamlessly.

Corporate Bank Account Setup Assistance

As part of our services, we assist in setting up corporate bank accounts with leading banks in the UAE. We guide you through the requirements and procedures, making the account setup process stress-free.
Compliance and Reporting
Complying with local laws and regulations is crucial for your business. We ensure your company complies with all Ajman’s legal requirements and assist with mandatory reporting to authorities, thereby reducing your risk of legal issues.

Benefits of Mainland Company Formation in Ajman

Strategic Location
Ajman’s strategic location makes it an ideal hub for businesses looking to reach global markets. It has easy access to both eastern and western markets.

Business Friendly Environment

Ajman offers a business-friendly environment with minimal restrictions, allowing entrepreneurs and investors to operate freely.
Economic Stability
Ajman has a robust and stable economy, fostering a secure investment environment.
World-Class Infrastructure
Ajman boasts of top-notch infrastructure, modern facilities, and state-of-the-art technology which provide an efficient operational base for businesses
Easy Access to Resources
Businesses in Ajman have easy access to a broad range of resources including a skilled labor force and advanced logistic facilities.
Affordable Setup Costs
Compared to other Emirates, Ajman offers lower setup costs, making it an attractive destination for small and medium enterprises
Wide Range of Business Activities
Ajman allows a wide array of commercial, professional, and industrial business activities.
No Currency Restrictions
Ajman does not impose any currency restrictions, enabling smooth international transactions.
UAE company Formation

frequently asked questions

Typically, the process takes around 1-2 weeks, given all the required documents are correctly provided and there are no unforeseen issues.

Yes, Adepts provides comprehensive company formation services that include assistance with visa processing for business owners and their employees.

Yes, a physical office is a requirement for mainland companies in Ajman. We can assist you with finding suitable office space in compliance with local laws.
Yes, multiple business activities can be listed under one license, provided they are related. However, certain regulated activities may require separate licenses.

Why Choose ADEPTS

Expertise and Experience
At Adepts Chartered Accountants, our team consists of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in managing complex regulatory and accounting standards. We are proficient in both local and international regulations, ensuring our services are accurate and fully compliant.
Tailored Solutions
Recognizing the unique nature of each Business, we offer customizable services designed to align with your specific needs and business objectives. We collaborate closely with you to understand your requirements and deliver solutions that achieve optimal results.
Time and Cost Efficiency
By choosing our services, you benefit from significant savings in time and resources. Our solutions are engineered to be cost-effective, providing high-quality support without the need for substantial internal investment.
Accuracy and Compliance
We prioritize accuracy and compliance in every aspect of our service. Our meticulous approach and rigorous procedures ensure precision and adherence to standards, reducing the risk of errors and the potential for non-compliance penalties.
Dependable Service
Dedicated to delivering reliable and consistent services, we aim to build long-term relationships with our clients based on trust, integrity, and mutual respect.