Ahsan Iftikhar

ICV Expert / Senior Auditor


Ahsan Iftikhar is a member of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and an ICV Expert and Senior Auditor at ADEPTS Chartered Accountants.

He brings a multi-dimensional skill set and managerial expertise to his role as a Senior Auditor and ICV Expert at ADEPTS. His professional journey is marked by a series of commanding roles in project realization and accomplishment within high-profile corporate organizations.

With several years of experience spanning multiple levels and industries, Ahsan has amassed a considerable breadth of knowledge in accounting, finance, budgeting, audit, taxation, and quality management. His proficiency and prowess in his field are evident in his ability to maintain operational efficiency and effectiveness in departmental functions. His professional approach is characterized by a blend of technical expertise and strategic insight, which has consistently led to organizational success and operational improvements.

His contribution to ADEPTS extends beyond routine auditing; Ahsan’s insights into In-Country Value (ICV) have been pivotal in aligning our business practices with broader economic objectives, ensuring that we not only comply with regulations but also contribute positively to the sectors we operate in. Ahsan Iftikhar’s role at ADEPTS is a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence and his profound impact on the financial and operational facets of our organization.

United Arab Emirates