Hasnae Lamtouk

HR Manager

Hasnae Lamtouk, our esteemed HR Manager at ADEPTS, brings a rich tapestry of experience and skills to our team. With 7 years of significant involvement in diverse business areas including commercial management, procurement, management control, and Human Resources Management and Personnel Administration, Hasnae has become a cornerstone of our organizational growth and development.

In her role as HR Manager at ADEPTS, Hasnae has been pivotal in aligning our HR strategies with the company’s broader objectives. Her expertise is not just confined to traditional HR roles; she brings a multifaceted perspective to the table, integrating insights from her experience in management control and commercial management. This unique blend of skills enables her to support the development and implementation of HR initiatives that are both effective and aligned with our company’s growth.

As ADEPTS continues to evolve and expand, Hasnae Lamtouk’s role as an HR Manager will remain central to our success. Her exceptional skills, acquired and refined over years of experience in large companies, are invaluable in supporting the development of our objectives and nurturing the human capital that is at the heart of our organization.

United Arab Emirates