Mayuri Kolekar

Business Development Specialist

Mayuri Kolekar is a seasoned Relationship Manager and a pivotal member of the Business Development team at ADEPTS. With an impressive track record in the financial services industry, Mayuri specializes in Portfolio Management, Investment Advisory, Risk Management, Mutual Funds, and Equity Derivatives. Her expertise in these areas is a testament to her deep understanding of the financial market dynamics and her ability to navigate them effectively.

Her skill set is further complemented by a robust educational foundation; she holds a DFM with a focus in Financial Planning and Services from the prestigious Welingkar Institute of Management. This background equips her with both theoretical knowledge and practical insights, allowing her to offer strategic financial solutions to our clients.

At ADEPTS, Mayuri’s role involves identifying new business opportunities and developing strategies to tap into them. Her strong sales acumen, combined with her analytical skills, makes her an asset in understanding client needs and proposing tailored solutions.

Mayuri’s contribution to ADEPTS extends beyond business development; she is an advocate for continuous learning and adapts to the evolving financial landscape with ease. Her dedication and strategic approach to business development have significantly contributed to our firm’s success and reputation in the financial services industry.

United Arab Emirates