Miji Valiyaparambil

ICV Expert / Senior Auditor


With a decade of rich experience in the fields of accounting and auditing, Miji Valiyaparambil stands as a distinguished expert, particularly in fields of taxation and ICV (In-Country Value). Her extensive knowledge and practical experience make her an invaluable asset in the complex world of financial compliance and strategic auditing.

Miji’s insights have been crucial in helping businesses align with local regulatory requirements and maximize their in-country value contributions. Beyond her technical abilities, Miji is celebrated for her exceptional problem-solving skills and her ability to communicate complex financial concepts in an understandable manner. Her decade-long experience has honed her skills in not only dissecting financial statements but also in foreseeing potential risks and advising on sustainable financial strategies.

As a Senior Auditor, Miji’s approach is thorough, methodical, and tailored to each client’s unique needs. Her commitment to integrity and transparency in financial operations has earned her respect and trust in the industry. Miji’s contribution to the field continues to set standards for excellence and innovation.

United Arab Emirates