Muhammad Tariq Mehmood

ICV Expert

Muhammad Tariq Mehmood, an integral member of the ADEPTS team, brings a dynamic blend of skills and experience to his role as an ICV expert. With 5 years of extensive involvement in the realms of accounting, business development, financial analysis, and In-Country Value (ICV), Tariq has established himself as a valuable asset to our organization.

Tariq’s journey in the financial sector is marked by a continuous pursuit of excellence and innovation. His experience in accounting has endowed him with a deep understanding of financial systems and processes, enabling him to effectively manage and analyze financial records. In the field of business development, Tariq has demonstrated an exceptional ability to identify growth opportunities and implement strategies that drive business success.

In his role as an ICV expert, Tariq has been instrumental in ensuring that ADEPTS not only meets but exceeds the expectations of the In-Country Value program. His dedication to aligning our business practices with the principles of ICV has contributed significantly to our efforts in supporting local economic development. Tariq’s approach to ICV is both strategic and practical, focusing on creating sustainable value for the company while contributing positively to the local economy.

Tariq Mehmood’s contributions to ADEPTS are a reflection of his commitment to professional growth and excellence. His diverse skill set and comprehensive experience in finance and ICV make him a key player in our continuous journey towards business excellence and economic contribution.

United Arab Emirates