Yousif Alkhanjari

Partner, Adepts Chartered Accountants

yousif Alkhanjari, FCPA, UAE Approved Auditor, and Court Approved Accounting Expert, is a distinguished Partner at Adepts Chartered Accountants.
Financial Leadership Excellence

Yousif Alkhanjari’s remarkable career in finance and auditing includes his tenure as the former CFO of Daman, showcasing exemplary fiscal stewardship. With over two and a half decades of diverse experience, he plays a strategic role in sectors such as oil & gas, education, health financing & insurance, and public funding at ADEPTS Chartered Accountants.

Regulatory Mastery and Compliance
As a UAE Ministry of Economy Approved Auditor and a court-recognized accounting expert, Yousif embodies the pinnacle of financial compliance and forensic accounting acumen. His extensive qualifications ensure the highest audit quality standards and compliance with UAE financial regulations, enhancing the firm’s credibility.
Strategic Vision and Academic Foundation
Yousif’s strategic vision is grounded in academic excellence, supported by multiple advanced degrees that bolster his adept leadership and communication skills. His diplomatic engagement style facilitates seamless interactions with professionals and clients alike.
Innovative Solutions and Industry Expertise
At ADEPTS, Yousif has been pivotal in driving innovation and strategic direction. Leveraging his background as a CFO and in-depth knowledge of various industries, he crafts bespoke accounting solutions, enhancing service offerings and client satisfaction. As a pioneer consultant in In-Country Value (ICV) initiatives, he has significantly contributed to the UAE’s economic diversification and sustainability goals.
Mentorship and Organizational Excellence
A committed mentor, Yousif fosters a culture of learning and professional development, ensuring ADEPTS grows in size and expertise. His leadership in team development promotes a culture of collaboration and sustained excellence.
Legacy of Professional Achievement
Yousif Alkhanjari’s role as a Partner at ADEPTS is marked by visionary leadership and operational excellence. His contributions as an ex-CFO, a UAE-approved auditor, and a court-sanctioned accounting expert have set new benchmarks in financial services, establishing ADEPTS as a formidable leader in the accounting domain.