How To Set Up A Company In Dubai Free Zone

Free zones are always attractive options for setting up a company for several reasons, such as 100% foreign ownership, tax benefits, and access to world-class infrastructure. However, to set up a company in the Dubai Free Zone, you must follow the specific requirements and regulations of the chosen Free Zone. Each free zone has slightly different criteria and procedures, so it is crucial to research the one that best suits your business needs. Rest assured, ADEPTS is here to assist you in setting up or registering a company in free zones in the UAE. 

Here’s a general overview of setting up a company in the Dubai free zone:  

  1. Choosing the Right Free Zone

First, research and select a suitable free zone for your business. Dubai offers 20 free zones, each catering to specific industries. Infrastructure, available facilities, proximity to the target market, and industry-specific regulations are all factors considered when choosing free zones. 

  1. Determining the Legal Structure

After choosing the correct free zone, decide your company’s legal structure. Option includes 

  • Free Zone Establishment (FZE) for a single shareholder
  • Free Zone Company (FZC) for multiple shareholders or a branch office of an existing company.

ADEPTS professionals help you to make an informed decision based on your business needs.

  1. Obtaining Initial Approvals

Obtain initial approval from the free zone authorities before proceeding with company registration. This involves submitting necessary documents like a business plan, passport copies, and proof of address. Be prepared to fulfil any additional requirements specific to the chosen free zone. ADEPTS assists you in collecting and submitting required documents.

  1. Drafting Legal Documents

After obtaining initial approvals, draft and sign legal documents, including  Memorandum and Articles of Association, shareholder agreement, and other required documents. ADEPTS provides legal guidance to ensure compliance and accuracy in all documents. 

  1. Applying for a Trade License

Apply for a trade licence according to your business activity. Free zones offer various categories, such as trading, manufacturing, services, and consulting. Prepare the necessary documents, pay the licence fee, and submit the application to the relevant authorities. If you need assistance, ADEPTS can help you obtain a trade licence for the free zones. 

  1. Setting Up Business Operations

Once you get your trade licence, you can start business operations. These include obtaining necessary permits, setting up utilities, and leasing an office or warehouse space. Free zones mainly provide support services to facilitate this process.  

  1. Hiring Employees

If your business requires employees, follow the UAE labour laws. This involves completing applications for work permits and employment visas and meeting legal requirements, including signing employment contracts and purchasing health insurance. Our Public Relations Officer (PRO) services streamline the process. 

  1. Opening a Bank Account

Open a corporate bank account in the UAE according to your business niche to conduct business transactions. 

  1. Visa and Residence Permit

If you plan to reside in the UAE or have foreign employees, you must obtain the necessary visas and residence permits. Follow the UAE General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs guidelines for visas & permits. 

  1. Ongoing Compliance and Renewals

Once you set up a company in a free zone, ensure it complies with all current regulations, renews its licence annually, files financial statements, and files VAT returns if necessary. 

ADEPTS Assistance To Set Up A Company In Free Zone 

At Adepts, we assist companies and organisations in setting up their businesses in Free Zones. Our dedicated professionals will walk you through each step of the process, from selecting the most suitable Free Zone for your industry to obtaining the necessary licences and permits. We understand the importance of compliance and can help you optimize your tax structure, ensuring that your business operates efficiently and under all legal requirements. We provide tailored services according to the requirements of each free zone in the UAE. 

With ADEPTS, you’ll have a trusted partner, making your entry into the Dubai Free Zone market smooth and successful.