Abdul Hanan

Business Development Specialist

Abdul Hanan, a skilled and experienced sales professional, serves as a Business Development Expert at ADEPTS. He brings a rich history of accomplishments from the retail industry, backed by strong analytical skills, exceptional sales capabilities, and effective communication.

Holding a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with a focus in Business Administration and Management from Lincoln University College, Abdul has a well-rounded educational background that complements his practical experience.

In the realm of business development at ADEPTS, Abdul’s role involves leveraging his extensive retail experience to identify growth opportunities, develop strategic partnerships, and enhance client relations. Abdul’s approach is characterized by a blend of hands-on experience and academic insights, enabling him to understand and navigate the complex dynamics of the business landscape. His dedication to achieving sales excellence and his knack for management have made significant contributions to expanding ADEPTS’s market presence and strengthening our business relationships.

At ADEPTS, Abdul continues to demonstrate his commitment to excellence, combining his sales expertise and business acumen to drive our business development initiatives forward. His role is crucial in aligning our growth strategies with our overall organizational goals, ensuring that we continue to thrive in a competitive environment.

United Arab Emirates