Sheeraz Abbasi

ICV Expert

With a decade of profound experience in accounting and auditing, Sheeraz Abbasi stands out as a seasoned professional and a respected In-Country Value (ICV) expert. His depth of knowledge in auditing, combined with his specialized expertise in ICV, positions him as a pivotal figure in aligning business practices with national economic goals.

Sheeraz embarked on his professional journey with a solid academic background in accounting and finance. Over the years, he has excelled in various roles, showcasing his adeptness in financial analysis, compliance, and strategic auditing. His extensive experience covers a broad spectrum of industries, equipping him with the versatility to handle complex financial landscapes.

As an ICV expert, Sheeraz has been instrumental in guiding firms through the intricacies of the ICV program, ensuring their operations contribute positively to the local economy. His approach goes beyond mere compliance; he focuses on how businesses can enhance their ICV scores while optimizing their overall performance. His insights and strategies have been crucial for companies looking to navigate the ICV framework effectively.

As an ICV expert at ADEPTS, Sheeraz Abbasi has significantly enhanced the company’s financial compliance and operational efficiency, expertly aligning our practices with the principles of In-Country Value (ICV) to support local economic growth. His strategic advisory skills have been instrumental in optimizing our financial processes and ensuring integrity and transparency across our operations.

United Arab Emirates